LAdies International United

Our partner team serving girls and young women.


RIFA + Goal Click x hummel
LIU player Litzy Perez shared her suicide survivor story in a special project with Goal Click x hummel. See her full photo essay here.


RIFA partners with Ladies International United (LIU) to deliver programming for girls and young women.

LIU was founded in 2015 by Vanessa Perez and her father Rodolfo Perez. They were motivated to establish a team after sister Litzy Perez survived a suicide attempt. Playing soccer helped bring joy to the Perez family, and that have since help extend that joy to others.

LIU attracts players who are newcomers to the U.S. and who are not able to access or afford playing in the traditional U.S. league structure.

In 2018, the team adopted the LIU name and fielded both an A and B teams.

Approximately 30 young women were served in 2018-19, representing multiple home countries, including: Brazil, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Paraguay.