spreadthe5683 continues!

On April 6, we celebrated International Day of Sport for Development and Peace in our home base and #spreadthe5683 to these lovely Brooklynites. Thanks to hummel and designer Willy Chavarria, we’ve been launching the #5683 campaign to promote love, diversity, and social change through sport. The numbers 5683 correspond to the letters L-O-V-E on an American digital keypad. This past week, RIFA participants have been sharing why they love NYC, and how it has become their home.

Jean, a member of our team, loves NYC’s soccer fields: “when I was a child, I always dreamed of having the opportunity to be in a real field with a ball in my feet to prove to others what I can do, and I found it here.” Your support can #spreadthe5683 to refugee, asylee, and immigrant youth like Jean and help them continue to realize their dreams through soccer programming. Donate here to support our work!